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Bryce&Kate_v_-141I’m a new dad of a daughter, London, born over three months early. She called the NICU home for 109 days. This blog is about that experience. It’s also about being a stay-at-home dad (SAHD). Thank you for visiting. If you’d like to read about the night of London’s unexpected arrival, I have linked to that story, in all its thirteen parts (don’t worry, they’re short), below.

London’s Birth: Part I. Part II. Part III. Part IV. Part V. Part VI. Part VII. Part VIII. Part IX. Part X. Part XI. Part XII. Part XIII.

If you’re still reading, here is more about me…

I received my undergrad degree in English at the University of Wyoming. At Wyoming, I swam for four years, specializing in sprint freestyle and backstroke. A year after graduating, I married my amazing wife and we moved to Milwaukee.

During our time in Wisconsin I coached swimming at UW-Milwaukee, fell in love with that slice of the upper Midwest, and drank Alterra coffee as much as possible (now known as Colectivo Coffee).

After three years in MKE, we moved back to Colorado, settling in Denver. I returned to school to receive an MA in International Studies from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver. After graduation I worked as a freelance writer while looking for employment in my field in the Denver area. Then London arrived very early and it was clear to her mom and I that I would be the one staying home with her for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for reading and visiting the blog.

9 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Bryce, what a gift you are giving London by having record of hers and your lives since she was born! I admire you for having the courage to be a stay at home dad. I believe people down play the career choice to be a stay at home mom/dad when it really is one of the most difficult jobs one can choose; it comes with huge responsibilities and also huge rewards. I look forward to reading more. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Loving the blog, Bryce! Thanks for being such a hands-on parents, and being willing to share with the world what that’s like. NICU parents everywhere will benefit from the calm clarity and straightforward honesty you offer about such a stressful experience. Looking forward to more good stuff!

  3. Bryce,
    A friend of mine who knows your sister (I think?) sent me a link to your blog. I look for updates almost every night before bed, and I read it and weep – LITERALLY, I cry and my husband asks me what is wrong (well not anymore). My daughter Quinn was born not quite as early as London (32.5), but I can relate to so much of what you have written about. I actually wrote a blog while she was in the NICU – and I laughed out loud reading “Welcome to the Pumphouse,” because I wrote a post that mirrored yours almost exactly! So thank you for sharing your experience with the www. I appreciate it. Looking forward to following your family’s journey.

    • Hi Natalie, Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog. Hopefully, future posts on the blog will make you laugh more often than cry. Love the name Quinn. Thanks again for commenting. Best,


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