Going Wireless

Nowadays, everything is going wireless. We have wireless video game controllers (which I still am not used to), wireless watches that answer phone calls (not perfected yet), wireless headphones, hands-free calling, and voice-activated phones. I remember being really impressed with wireless phones in the home.

Here at the Perica household we are going to keep the trend alive.


We are going to have a wireless baby. It’s true. I hear it is all the rage. We are late to the trend, but we were afraid to be early adopters of this newfangled technology.

Though going wireless will give us a freedom we have never had with a newborn, it will not be without sacrifice. For example, the option of being able to pump a meal into your newborn at just the right time regardless of whether they are awake to eat is truly handy. The food just pumps right out of an IV bag on a hospital rod in your living room and it goes right into your baby’s stomach via a tube that you get to insert yourself and feed down to the stomach.

Also nice, was knowing my baby’s heart rate and oxygen saturation every second of the night by connecting more wires to the baby. If ever there was a slight hiccup, we would be notified in the middle of our sleep by a fire alarm basically.

Lastly, there was the convenience of forcing oxygen into my baby. With oxygen tanks on every floor of my house an_BKP2796d oxygen tanks in the car, in the stroller, in my backpack, I always knew the baby was getting oxygen. In the rare case my baby looked a little winded or was turning blue, all I had to do was walk over to the giant oxygen tank in my living room and let her loose up to 1/4 flow. Baby turns the right color, but falls asleep right before it is dinner time. Not to worry. This is why there is a nasogastric tube, feeding at the right time is always an option.

Now that people have been having wireless babies for many years, we feel comfortable moving onto this post-modern way of having a newborn. We are happy, blessed, and excited to welcome a wireless baby into our family in the very near future.

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