A Speech Worth Listening To

Regardless of your NFL allegiance, or lack of it, I think this speech from Peyton Manning is worth listening to. Of course, Manning touches on his illustrious career in the NFL, but he acknowledges there is a whole new world of possibilities ahead of him and he is excited about it.

Most touching for me, was when Manning recalled the little things that over his 18-year career became the big things. He says that he is and will be teaching his children to enjoy the little things in life with the full knowledge that those things will mean the most to him and them when, decades down the road, he looks back on another career, that of being a father.

Two years into my own career as a father, I know that much to be true.  The moments such as the everyday walk to go get the mail with London, when she holds my hand and is so excited to be walking, to be alive, and to be with me. These are the moments that will mean the most to me when I look back on this career.

Thanks, Peyton.

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