Pictures of Christmas Past

Today, I decided to take a look back at Christmas photos since Kate and I were married in 2007, and after looking through them all I had to pick out a few to share on the blog. It’s amazing what can happen over the span of just nine Christmas holidays together as a married couple. I’m feeling very grateful for all the great people we have been able to celebrate Christmas with over the years and in all the beautiful places those celebrations have happened in.


Just a couple of spring chickens here. 24-years-old. In Milwaukee for our first Christmas. Kate’s family drove out from Wyoming to join us. Very memorable. It was MKE’s snowiest winter ever recorded. Thanks for that welcome, Wisconsin.


At the end of 2008, a very tumultuous year politically-speaking, I laid out a year of Newsweeks on the floor of our apartment and stood on top of our coffee table and took several pictures of them. My camera was actually on the fritz this year, so I don’t have that many in focus pictures, this one among them, but I still enjoy these photos, even though Palin can be seen off to the right.

Again in 2008, the Bradleys drove all the way from Wyoming (with the dogs) to have Christmas in Wisconsin. Here, Kate cuddles up with Molly and Max.



Christmas in Farmington, NM. However, this picture was taken in Durango the day we flew back to Milwaukee. This was my parents’ first Christmas in New Mexico. It was very special to be with them for that, as it had been an especially hard couple of years for them with unforeseeable and massive changes in their lives. Missionaries.



The first Colorado Christmas as a married couple. Here, we have some of Kate’s family celebrating the New Year at our high-rise apartment in Denver. Kate and I were actually alone on Christmas Day this year. We went for a walk at Wash Park because it was 60 degrees out. The day before we drove up to RMNP because we could.



All I can say is, it must have been a very good year because we ordered 25 lbs of Wisconsin cheese to be shipped to our Colorado address. ‘Twas a bit excessive, but we loved every bite and we gave away at least 10 lbs of it.


I am incredibly blessed to have spent many Christmases with my grandparents as well. This Christmas dinner I was in charge of cooking the prime rib. I followed my mother-in-law’s standby recipe and things went perfectly. But then I goofed up and made a rum cake with Bacardi 151. It came out a little stronger than normal. Instead of a nice hint of rum taste with your cake, rum taste was all you got.



Kate’s family in town for this Christmas. This was also the only time I’ll sit in Row 1 for a Denver Broncos game. ‘Twas sweet.


Per the usual, at a Bradley Christmas there were so many appetizers that I was left asking myself and others, “Why are we cooking dinner?”



Back in Farmington, NM we were for Christmas 2013. It had been a very long time since my dad and I had been photographed right after a Christmas Eve service so we took care of that and what a sweet picture it is.


This is such a unique Christmas in my mind. We had just bought our first house. I had still somewhat recently graduated from DU and was looking for work in Denver. And we thought our first baby was five months away. London arrived just one month after this photo was taken.



For 2014, Kate’s family was in Denver again. We exchanged gifts. I got some great stuff, but the only thing I needed was London by our side, healthy, and off oxygen. That is exactly what we got and it was the best gift I have ever received.


My beauties on Christmas morning.

One thought on “Pictures of Christmas Past

  1. Love this trip through the past! Looking forward to photos from our upcoming Christmas. Gotta say, I love your sentimentality!

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