Pictures of Preemies


London. 8 Hours Old.

A Canadian photographer and father to two preemies, Red Méthot, has a popular project in which he photographs preemies holding their own baby pictures. I first saw this on Facebook and thought I should share it here. Follow this link to the Unworthy post.

This link leads to Red’s Facebook page, where you can view all of his photos in this project.

Particularly of note for me, were the two preemies photographed who are still on oxygen as toddlers. One of them was born at 23 weeks and the other at 26 weeks. Both boys. Kate and I are tremendously blessed that London, born at 26 weeks, is now 21 months old and approaching her one year anniversary of being free of oxygen support. Here’s hoping the two boys pictured with oxygen can lose that cannula for good sometime soon!

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