Becoming a Playground Aficionado

London has discovered playgrounds. The closest one is just up the street. We went IMG_7500there months ago. I have the exact date written down somewhere, but since then, we have had to expand our known playground universe. Throughout the process, London has seemed to enjoy every playground we have been to, but I quickly developed preferences and discovered things about playgrounds that are quite different since I was last climbing around one.

And, of course, some things about playgrounds are still the same. For example, I am still too big for them just like I was too big for them when I was 12.

IMG_7504But the differences are many. Sand is often isolated to a small area of the playground or simply nonexistent. As a parent, I absolutely love this. London would probably prefer more sand, but she has tried to eat it and it has the potential to get places I’d rather not find sand in later in the day. Thus, I love it.

However, the common sand replacement is wood chips. In my opinion, better than sand, but not the best surface. There is a potential for slivers and, apparently, spiders. Spiders like wood chips. London likes the wood chips. Like sand, she has tasted them, but it is loads easier to get wood chips out of a baby’s mouth than sand.

So far, my preferred playground surface almost looks like concrete, but it’s soft and coated in rubber. It’s springy enough to ease a fall, but firm enough to support easy walking and running.

I think it is safe to say that London and I prefer Kompan playgrounds. They build some really sweet playgrounds. They aren’t the playgrounds of my late elementary years, which were starting to be too safe as our society became more litigious. Kompan playgrounds seem to have taken steps back from that fun-sapping trend. So far, our time on Kompan playgrounds has been plenty safe, but I love that they incorporate a lot of ropes and tall playground equipment. I love the potential for injury and risk, even if I still don’t fit well on most of their contraptions. That’s okay! London fits just fine and  every week we are trying out new playgrounds across Denver and finding out that our favorites consistently have Kompan printed all over the playground, a welcome site for this playground duo.

2 thoughts on “Becoming a Playground Aficionado

  1. i have two boys ages 6 and 4 and a 4 month old little girl. over the course of raising my boys, i’ve come to realize that playgrounds that have a little bit of each, like a sandbox area, the springy concrete area for younger kids, andd the woodchip area for older kids are the best. they are so hard to find though. i’ve only found one playground in our area that has all these elements. thankfully, at the end of the day, kids are just happy to play regardless.

    • Thanks for your comment. I’m sure if I have multiple kids I’ll feel the same way about playgrounds. It’s tough to find a playground that accommodates the needs of babies, toddlers, and young kids.

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