I Shot A Wedding, Here Are Some Of My Favorites


Last week I had the pleasure of shooting my sister-in-law’s wedding. The first time she told me I was going to shoot her wedding, she was not even engaged, so I knew whenever the big day arrived I would have some sort of responsibility. Of course I took the photos for free. In fact, this being the first wedding I shot, I think that helped. I felt like there was barely any pressure and maybe that actually helped with having confidence. Today I wanted to share a few of my favorites from the beautiful backyard wedding. The above photo is of a sign my wife painted for the entrance to my in-laws’ backyard.


Before things got underway last Saturday I took pictures of the beautiful venue. My in-laws had a beer garden in their backyard. Can you believe it? And great beer on tap.


Found this girl cruising through the yard. Cute as ever.


Once it was time for the wedding to begin I took up a great position where I was able to see Kendra come out of the house. Only her parents and I could see her because she had not yet walked around the corner of the house. I took so many shots of this moment.


It is a weird thing to be given permission to photograph a private conversation, to get as many great photos as you can from a deeply personal moment. This was the first time I have ever been tasked with shooting such a moment. From the look on Kendra’s face, I know Tim was saying something touching to his daughter, something for her ears only, yet I have twenty pictures of the moment. The words I will never know, but the pictures will be seen by many. I find the difference intriguing.


Not quite confident enough on her feet to be a flower girl, London makes her grand entrance with assistance from Kate. My beauties.


In this series of photos, Kendra’s parents walk her down the aisle. I probably took fifteen to twenty shots during this. Tim’s expression does not change one iota from shot to shot, it is frozen in this fatherly, stoic, and proud gaze.


Of all the photos I took, this is my favorite. The groom, Jake, has an expression of joy on his face that I have never seen before so I was so happy to see that I had caught it.


The newlyweds. The purple wedding. The perfect backyard for a wedding with a two-week notice.


The happy couple with their Max, also sporting purple.


The groom serenades his bride. Good sock game.


By candlelight and the flashlights of four to five cellphones.


Under the big top for a little more music and drink.

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