Another Day, Another Echo

Two days ago I posted “Turning One Again“. In that post I mentioned that this time last year London was going through a bunch of new tests to find out why she was so tired. Actually, “new tests” is incorrect. By May 4th, 2014, London had had several echocardiograms, she was just going to have another. I thought I would share a video of the last echo she had in the NICU. Kate had stopped by London’s room on the way to work (in the building next door) and had wound up getting to see the echo.

I do not expect you to be interested in watching a baby get an echocardiogram. The event is not spectacular or rare at all if you have had a preemie. But what is exceptional about the video is how London is so cool with it. She yawns in the middle of the video, like, c’mon, get this over with…it’s not my heart that has an issue.

Kate sent me the video that morning before I had made it to the NICU and it warmed my heart. This was classic London–so extraordinarily comfortable with another intrusive procedure in the NICU–that it did not surprise me all that much. London remained unperturbed throughout this test and others. Over the course of 109 days in the NICU London’s attitude absolutely rubbed off on us. We were never happy to have to sit through another echo or eye exam, but seeing how tough London was through it all made us roll with the punches like old pros. You will stress yourself to death if you can’t find a way to cope. Looking to our baby for strength proved to be one of the best strategies to weather the storm.

I just realized I posted this video on the blog already, but it was months ago and in a different context. Thanks for stopping by!

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