A 1 ml Bottle

A long way from a full feeding, but a good start.

There were about two months of training from the day (February 27, 2014) I took this video of London until she could take a crack at an actual bottle. What an amazing step for her this was. A 1 ml syringe holds quite a bit more milk than that cotton swab we used to put in her mouth. We were thrilled in this moment.

I have posted very few videos on this blog so far, but I have so many I would eventually like to share and perhaps write about. Plus, on days I don’t have a chunk of time to write at length about raising London, sharing a video is a great option.

5 thoughts on “A 1 ml Bottle

  1. Watching this was overwhelming to me because it reminded me of how far London has come. I can’t help but think she was like a little bird that fell out of her nest and landed on your doorstep and you decided to see if you could save its life by gently feeding it. You did save its life and she is spreading her wings to joyfully “fly” now. What a miracle….

  2. Oh my, that is just so amazing….that such an early born human can learn to suck and take nourishment from little bit of liquid. What you said, Glenn, so true. She has come so very far!

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