World Prematurity Day

Right before falling asleep last night I was scanning Twitter and I learned that yesterday was World Prematurity Day. The March of Dimes Twitter account, which I follow, had shared images of city landmarks all across the world that were lit up purple, the color of support for preemies.

I don’t know how I missed this day, but today I read some articles about prematurity and found this one on NPR, the most interesting. Money quote:

Premature birth is now the single largest cause of death among babies and young children. Every year, 1.09 million children under age 5 die due to health complications that stem from being born before week 37 of pregnancy (a 40-week pregnancy is considered full-term).

I recommend reading  the whole article at NPR. It’s quite short. The editorial, titled “Preterm Birth: Now the Leading Cause of Child Death Worldwide,” mentioned in the NPR piece can be found here.

After reading the article and seeing the picture at the top of the NPR page, I am, again, so thankful for the treatment available to us here in Denver and that we were not traveling when London suddenly decided she wanted out.

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