Do you remember the show Rescue 911?


Windy and Rachel on their last night shift with London before she leaves the NICU.

When I was much younger I watched the show Rescue 911. Hosted by William Shatner, the show reenacted real-life emergencies and spliced in interviews from people who were present when the aforementioned emergencies occurred. At the end of the reenactments, the rescuers who saved the individual/s in need of help, were reunited with the people they saved.

The reenactments are so bad they are painful to watch. It was easy to find some old episodes of the show on YouTube. There is even a story about a baby being born “nearly three months early” while on a flight. He weighed in at 4 lbs, 6 oz. (I have to interject here, if the baby was really almost three months early, that’s a huge kid for that gestational age). Here’s the link to the story about the premature birth on the flight. As you might guess, the reenactment is hilariously bad.

What got me thinking about Rescue 911 was seeing some of London’s nurses the other week. I got home and two of her primaries were visiting Kate and London, eating pizza Kate made, and sipping wine. I got a chance to visit with the nurses a little bit before they left and during that time I thought of the reunions at the end of Rescue 911. I always enjoyed these scenes, loving the idea of being able to see and possibly become friends with the people responsible for saving my life or, in this case, my daughter’s life. And now, that was happening right there in my kitchen.

I would never wish what Kate and I went through with London upon anyone. But if it is to happen, this is the happiest ending one could possibly hope for. We were incredibly blessed to have such caring NICU nurses. And now those nurses have become friends. I hope that as long as we are in Denver and as long as they are working nearby, the reunions continue because, for us, they are heroines.

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