If You’re Just Now Getting Here

I probably should have done this sooner, but if you’re just now finding this blog via a tweet, Facebook share, or web search, then you should know that it all started with a series of posts detailing London’s birth. These posts are the foundation of this blog and, for their author, the hardest to write and the hardest to reread.

Feel free to scroll down through the archives, but if you’re looking for square one, and for getting a better feeling of how this family got its start, follow the links below. A quick word about the original posts, there are thirteen of them, but they aren’t very long posts so reading all parts is not a big ask.

London’s Birth Part I. 

Part II.

Part III.

Part IV.

Part V.

Part VI.

Part VII.

Part VIII. 

Part IX.

Part X.

Part XI.

Part XII.

Part XIII.

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