Busy, Writing, and Travel


Taken the weekend of our first overnight trip with London.

It’s been a busy week around here and I’ve not found the time to sit down and write a new post, for which I have some guilt and disappointment. This is the toughest thing about keeping a blog like this. There is so much material to delve into, but not enough time to do the delving. On certain days, not getting the opportunity to do that really stings.

We are going to the mountains tomorrow for a couple of nights. My parents are meeting us there. We hope to catch some fall color and to just be away from Denver for a little bit of time. Writing that reminded me of the shock I had in May when I realized that I had not been out of Denver for more than a few hours since London was born. There was one short trip to Fort Collins for a baby shower. That was it. If I had mapped my location during the three and a half months London was in the NICU, you could see a very heavy line from home to hospital and then tiny little branches breaking off from that. Each brach representing a trip to a restaurant, grocery store, or a coffee run. I kid you not, there was no more variety to my destinations for 109 days. Hospital, home, restaurant, grocery store, and coffee shop.

Now that London is home we get a little further out from the house and with greater frequency, but it is still a challenge to compare our range now as a family versus what it was a year ago. Luckily, as London ages and strengthens our travel radius from home will lengthen out to something closely resembling the old, have freedom, will travel, spirit of the pre-London era.

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