Stroller Love

Remember when BOB strollers were cool? Yeah, well, in this household the BOB fell short, quite literally, right from the start because I am 6’9″. There’s no point in asking if you’ve tried pushing a BOB stroller when you’re 81 inches tall because you haven’t. I’ll just tell you. It is freaking miserable, like walking around bent at the waist, stretching your hamstrings wherever you go.

BOB strollers have a great reputation, so when I first tried pushing one in a store I was so discouraged because I mistakingly thought BOBs were the pinnacle of strollerdom and if this stroller wasn’t going to do (and it clearly wasn’t) then what’s left?

Let me tell you what’s left…the just-as-short Graco strollers, the Eddie Bauer BOB look-a-like strollers (EB, really? I thought you learned to not branch out after the Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition, but after a quick Google, it appears the EB edition is still a thing…how?), Britax (practical, a little taller, but Jony Ive needs to redesign them because they’ve been hit with the ugly stick so many times their wheels have two spokes…what were they thinking?), and Chicco (which just seems like a mashup of Graco and Britax). I could go on, but you get the point, right? All of these strollers, despite their own unique flaws, are all too short.

All hope was lost until we walked into the Right Start, sort of a posh baby store, and an actual employee listened to what we were looking for and walked us over to this beautiful stroller she was calling the Uppababy something, I didn’t catch the name right away because she said it right at the moment I looked at the price tag. While laughing in my head at the absurdity of paying that much for a stroller, I obliged the employee and took it for a little spin, but right before I strolled off, the employee reached to the center of the handle, gripped, and pulled. The handle raised a few inches higher off the ground. It was love at first step. My hands didn’t have to go down to my knees to push this thing. My feet didn’t hit the rear axle of the stroller because it’s not there, leaving plenty of room for my full-stride with size 15 shoes. The Uppababy Vista moved like butter around the store. Each and every step was a little more painful because I was falling more and more in love with the stroller but knew we weren’t going to IMG_3720drop that kind of cash on such a ride.

After that initial trip to the Right Start, we kept looking for strollers. We pushed around cheaper models at Target and Babies R Us. We pushed around much more expensive models (didn’t know that was possible, but makes sense, the celebrity parent needs something to push around) at a boutique stroller store. But always, the Uppababy Vista was there, lurking, pulling us back to its many wonderful features. However, it was always the height that appealed to me. Other bonuses, like the included bassinet, seemed unnecessary. The brand name, Uppababy, even bothered me. It was too pretentious sounding and it looks like it was missing an umlaut.

We kept resisting, but the stroller search was leading us nowhere. Before we formally spoke about it, I think we both knew the Uppababy Vista was going to be ours. It was inevitable.

We eventually were ready to buy and then we received an incredibly generous gift certificate to the Right Start from friends we met in Milwaukee. This made the purchase easier to stomach. And so it was, a week after I made a few fast clicks on the Right Start’s website, the Uppababy arrived at our doorstep and I immediately assembled it. Since it was April 14th, the stroller sat in the living room for a month like a piece of precious furniture that no one could sit in.

Months later, I can’t imagine having a different stroller. The cost of the stroller, even without the gift certificate, would have been worth it. Never once have we regretted the purchase. That unnecessary bassinet became indispensable. The car seat attachment beautiful. The height always right. However, I still think Uppababy is missing an umlaut.

3 thoughts on “Stroller Love

  1. I think you should have some one send a copy of your blog/4star review to Uppababy. Best Marketing ever! Maybe some freebies down the road!

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