Real Time Update

I haven’t given an update about London’s health and growth in a while. Since we just saw the doctor today, now’s a good time. 

London is just over 7 months old now. Her corrected age is just over 4 months. 

She weighs 17 lbs. That a girl. 

She is just shy of 27 inches in length. 

Last week, she had her final ROP eye exam because her eyes have fully vascularized. I am so glad I don’t have to watch another one of these exams.

As of today, we can have her off of oxygen whenever she is awake. She will need oxygen when sleeping at night or napping during the day for quite a while still, but this is huge progress. 

When we were sitting in the doctor’s office today, the pediatric dietitian looked at London and said, “Are you sure she is a 26 weeker?”

A few of you have been asking about the enterovirus scare going around Colorado and much of the Midwest. We aren’t taking any extra special measures for now. An employee at Children’s did tell us that they aren’t allowing inpatient visitors at Children’s right now and that many people have postponed their child’s outpatient appointment. London is not supposed to have contact with babies or kids. This is the way it has been since we brought her home so no changes there. As always, we have plenty of hand sanitizer around the house. I think we’ll be just fine. 

London will get a standard flu shot, but she will also receive Synagis for RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus). She’ll be getting all of these within the next month, staggered of course. 

One last thing, if you’re planning on holding London and visiting with her at any point this flu season, you just have to get a flu shot. No flu shot, no London time. Flu shot, London time. Pretty easy decision if you ask me. 

Happy to share this update on London’s progress!

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