More Baby Time


DOL 2: Eyes still fused shut.

How long is a baby considered a baby? Yeah, I just googled that because it feels like London has already been a baby for so long. The Google consensus is that a baby is a baby from one-month old to less than two years. Prior to a month, a baby is a newborn, although I never referred to London as a newborn when she was less than a month. She was a baby. Still is. And, I guess, she will be for quite some time still.

I suppose it feels like she has been a baby for so long because we watched her last three months of in-utero development outside of the uterus. By three-months, most babies are doing something new each week, maybe even rolling over. London was still doing something new each week, but at three-months she was still struggling with eating. Watching that development outside of the uterus is special. Not many parents get to watch their baby struggle as they open their eyes for the first time (which usually happens in the seventh month of pregnancy). But Kate and I were standing right there as the seal broke and London’s eyes flickered to life right in front of us. It is those moments that make London’s seven months of life stretch out to a year in my mind.

I know, among parents of preemies, I cannot be alone in marveling at the changes that can happen in 7 months. But I am also pretty sure most parents of full-term babies are also astonished at the changes 7 months can bring. Naturally, that feeling is more intense when the starting point is three months earlier and seven pounds lighter than you were expecting it to be.

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