The Header Image

Just a quick story about the header image. It is a panoramic shot of London’s second room in the NICU. This is really the penthouse of the NICU. When we moved from our original pod to this one it felt like going from the ground floor to the fiftieth floor. It’s 1.5 times the size of our first room and it is the only room in the NICU with a whole wall of windows. Our first room had no windows.

I was hesitant when the room opened up and it was first mentioned to us that we could possibly move in there. This was the room that was opposite our first room. I wrote about it in this post. So, you understand my hesitancy.

One of our primary nurses had one stipulation about our move into this room. She said that everyone else that gets that room always ends up pulling the shades and blocking the only flood of natural light the NICU gets. If we were to move in there, we would have to promise her that we would only have the shades down in the morning when the sun is unpleasantly shining straight into the NICU’s eyes. We promised. I got over my initial hesitancy and we made the move, knowing that we had well over a month left in the NICU so why not upgrade for free?

The move was one of the smartest things we did while London was in the NICU. We were there for quite a bit longer than we thought we were going to be. We fell in love with that room, as much as one can fall in love with a hospital room.

Toward the end of London’s NICU stay, there was a leak in the ceiling in London’s room and we had to give it up for just one night while it was fixed. The next morning I came back to the NICU and London was in her temporary room, which was much further back in the NICU. No natural light made it there. Everyone was pale and had a depressed look on their face. At least, that’s the way it seemed after living in the penthouse for so long. I only had to sit with London in that room for 40 minutes, but that was more than enough. I pushed her back to her pod with a nurse and it was like stepping out of a tunnel into a glorious sunny day.

We are so thankful for that upgrade.

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