The Museum of London


I have a sneaky suspicion that throughout her life London will be the recipient of a few gifts with a British theme to them. If we were going to easily tire of this, we wouldn’t have named our daughter London. Those gifts started arriving right away, one of them directly from London itself. A friend of ours was in the UK when London was born and brought back a gift from the Museum of London. When I saw the bag the gift came in I knew exactly where I was going to place it…on one of the walls of London’s pod. There it stayed for 109 days. As the weeks and months passed, there were more signs on the walls in London’s pod. Of course we have them all now at home, but I took pictures of all of them before we cleaned out London’s NICU pod. Here they are…


London’s first footprints with her birthweight. There’s no perspective here, but those feet are the size of my thumb. Oh, and all these signs were made by the nurses. That is something I never expected about our NICU stay, to have on-demand artists to create signs commemorating London’s growth and month birthdays and even holidays.


London’s first holiday was Valentine’s Day. We brought cards in for her. I bought a card for mom from London. Just looking at the card from London made mom cry. Forget about reading it.


Born on January 30th, we just had to select a day at the end of February to be London’s one-month birthday. We took handprints and footprints that day and a family picture. London’s hands that day were about the size of my thumb.



By March 8, London was 6 lbs 1oz shy of my birthweight.



These footprints, although small, looked like Bigfoot had made them when you saw them side by side with London’s birth footprints. Unbelievable. Also, had London gone full term, we were told her birthweight would have been around 9 lbs 2 oz, the weight on her three-month birthday.


Lastly, one more sign made just in time for London’s discharge day from the NICU. She gained 9 lbs in the NICU and grew 6 inches. By her fourth month there, London could have eaten some of her NICU neighbors for dinner. She was the Queen Bee, unrelenting in her cuteness and exponential growth chart.

Summa cum laude. 

3 thoughts on “The Museum of London

  1. So awesome. My sister, Hannah, still has a lot of things her doctors and nurses gave her and had in her room while she was at children’s.

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