All the Helicopters

One thing I always noticed once I became familiar with the medical campus London was on were the helicopters. I spent so much time at the hospital that I saw so many arrive there and, from London’s pod, I could see them arrive at Children’s. Every time, if I could, I stopped what I was doing and focused on the helicopter when I saw one and thought of the person arriving in it. What is wrong with them? Is it an adult, a child, a baby? Of course, I never got answers to those questions, but it did not stop me from feeling a connection to that person. Perhaps it was more of a connection to their situation, rather than the person, because if they were arriving by helicopter, they most likely were not in great shape. Whoever it was in that helicopter had an emergency and for the first time in my life I could identify with them.

I developed a newfound appreciation for people whose job it is to transport, via helicopter or ambulance, people who are in a medical emergency. Not surprisingly though, it was the helicopters that grabbed my attention as they flew toward the hospital, slowed down, and took one last perfect turn to line up with the roof of the hospital. I took a short video of one in February as I left the hospital one afternoon. Said a prayer, too.


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