About A Preemie

In March, as I painted London’s room, I queued up a Radiolab podcast. This specific story I had been told about by a good friend, as well as Kate. It is about another couple who had a preemie, but one that was born on the edge of viability, at 23 weeks and 6 days, so early that the parents had to make the decision about whether or not they wanted the doctors to save their child.

I was hooked as soon as I pressed play. Although this preemie had quite a few different complications than London, our story and their story is amazingly similar. Many of the feelings the parents expressed I had felt too or Kate had felt. When the father was talking about feeling the squeeze of his daughter’s hand for the first time, I stopped working, laid down on the floor, and listened so intently that I forgot to blink. I was reliving the very first time I got to touch London. It was impossible not to cry.

If you want to better understand our lives during London’s time in the NICU or the lives of someone else who had a preemie or was a preemie, I cannot think of a more articulate, informative, and thoughtful presentation of the experience. Please, listen. The link is below. The podcast streams from the top of the Radiolab page. Have a great weekend!

Listen here.

2 thoughts on “About A Preemie

  1. I heard it about a week after it aired. It was life changing. I listened to it again after London was born, and again, life changing.

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