London’s Birth: Part V, “We gotta get that baby out.”

This is a post in a series about my daughter’s birth. Read parts one, two, three, and four first.

Around 3:20am our doctor came into the room and made the call. The baby needed to come out now. Her heart rate was dropping too much and too frequently to safely leave her in Kate any longer. We were terrified, but I kept telling Kate silly things like, “It’s gonna be okay,” or, “We’re gonna get through this.” Kate was crying a lot, but also trying to compose herself. I remember her really losing it when a nurse and I were had to work Kate’s bra off in order to prep for the OR.

My scrubs were delivered to our room. They looked like a flight suit. I put them on backwards at first. A nurse pointed it out, but she said it didn’t matter. It mattered to me, so I turned the one-piece around, but didn’t quite zip it up yet.

You can easily argue that nothing in the future is certain. That is why so many of us worry. Especially during traumatic moments, we start to consider all the wildest and scariest scenarios. Kate and I had arrived at that point. “You know what to do if anything happens,” Kate said. “You know about my life insurance. You would have to contact my employer.”

IMG_3726 - Version 2

“Yes, I know,” I said. “But I’m not going to have to deal with that.” In response, Kate probably said, I know, but I can’t remember. I was at her side and just crying with her and telling her over and over, it’s going to be okay, she’s going to be okay.

Before I tucked myself into my scrubs and isolated my phone in my jeans pocket, I sent out text messages to both sets of parents and then we were off to the OR. It was 3:35am.

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