London’s Birth: Part II, The Next 30 Minutes

Continuing with the timeline of London’s birth, I pick up from where I left off in this post. Read it here. It covered the first 30 minutes or so of our very long night.

The first nurse that took care of us was of moderate height, blond hair, and had a caring approach to our situation. I don’t remember her name, but in comparison to us, she seemed extraordinarily calm and that kept me feeling optimistic about our chances of just calming this down and getting out of here.

Kate described her contractions in a way that clued in the nurse that Kate was in the medical field. The nurse put some monitors on Kate and hooked them up to a cardiotocograph, or electronic fetal monitor (EFM) to record contractions and the fetal heartbeat. She assured us that the doctor was on her way and that it would not be too long. She asked us if we wanted anything. “Water, please,” we both said.

Our water arrived in a few minutes and then we were just left alone in a relatively drab room. There was a TV over my right shoulder that Kate could watch. At one point I turned the volume up for a bit of a distraction. Leno was on, one of his last shows.

Kate later told me that she got up to use the bathroom at one point and while she was in there, standing in front of the mirror, she said she just knew that she was having this baby tonight.

The contractions were still coming every 5-10 minutes. They were still very painful. At one point I looked up and saw that wince on Kate’s face that I first saw just an hour ago from the couch at home, but this one was accompanied with the gush of fluid that came out of Kate. It sounded like popping a water balloon that is just sitting on a table with some pressure on it. I knew exactly what it was and so did Kate, but I waited for a half-second for her to say, “Oh my gosh, my water just broke.” There was a new, heightened expression of panic on her face. I had stood up. I was scared by the amount of blood. I did not think there was supposed to be that much blood. But I didn’t know anything. Kate was pressing the call button on the bed. We waited fractions of a second for a response and then we both had the same idea. Go get a nurse, Bryce!

I ran over to the door. I’m sure the nurse knew by my look that we needed urgent help, but I said it anyways, “I need a nurse, now!”

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